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On behalf of the Department of Strategic Partnership (DSP), UiTM Global. it is with great delight that I invite you to form a partnership between Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), Malaysia.

As the largest comprehensive university in Malaysia, UiTM has expanded its visibility through collaborations with universities worldwide. It continues to provide access to higher education, playing its role in nation building by UNLEASHING POTENTIALS, SHAPING THE FUTURE. Providing innovative education within reach at its 35 campuses and 26 faculties across Malaysia, UiTM offers over 500 academic programmes at Foundation, Pre-Diploma, Diploma, Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD level, as well as Professional Programmes. In 2021 UiTM was ranked 108th (Asia’s Top 17% & Top 10 among Malaysian Universities) in the QS Asia University Ranking and placed 651–700 in the QS World University Ranking.

With over 800,000 alumni in health science & medical, sciences & technology, humanities and entrepreneurship, UiTM offers opportunities to shape leaders at national, industry and global levels and is well poised to become a GLOBALLY RENOWNED UNIVERSITY by 2025. Our hope is to work with you to make existing and future outcomes generated by both sides more accessible to the global community and more valuable and useful. Through our mutual collaboration, we both have the expertise to do this at little or no expense. We are excited about our prospect of collaboration with you and to make both Universities ever visible and useful.

We therefore would be more than happy to kickstart with a virtual meeting, and we are amenable to any time you prefer. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon regarding any potential venture and beginning what promises to be a very beneficial relationship for us both. Please do not hesitate to get in touch.
Thank you!

Director, Department of Strategic Partnership (DSP)
UiTM Global

Tagline: Ripples into Tidal Waves

UiTM is highly committed towards establishing a world-class research platform for global performance by providing impactful portfolios on translational research, high impact publications, creative and smart innovations and partnerships with stakeholders. The university aims for its global excellence to be upheld by two (2) strategic themes (ST) involving Translational Research Development, Innovation, and Commercialisation (TRDIC) and Industry, Community & Alumni Smart Partnership (ICASP).

The TRDIC would capitalise on the university research core strengths to establish two (2) new High Institution Centres of Excellence (HICoE) and to promote potential translational research creative solutions’ outputs for society and industry. The ICASP would provide smart platform of linkages for the high impact MoUs, MoAs and collaboration initiatives with the Top 500 companies and the Top 300 universities in the world which would lead to enhanced growth of the Endowment and Waqf Funds. The integration of TRDIC and ICASP, will not only harness university-industry mutual linkages but also foster a holistic ecosystem in transforming university roles in solving community issues as highlighted in Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Business Credo: Create, Connect,Collaborate

UiTM aspires to be a globally renowned university of Science, Technology, Humanities and Entrepreneurship, thus, realises the fundamental need to adopt systems and practices that are globally prominence and have significant global relevance. Live and breathe the tagline transforming the ripples into tidal waves, underscore the need to lead the development of agile, professional Bumiputeras through the state-of-the-art curricular and impactful research to address global issues, thereby embracing the international positioning and outlook. A global university, requires capacity to harnessing the power of strategic partnership and attracting global intellectual capacity to attain the global status and have international appeal.

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